Q&A: Snakebird Creators Noumenon Games

Swedish indie studio Noumenon Games aims to make games that aren’t “easily defined and categorized,” and its newest puzzle game, Snakebird, is emblematic of that mission. The company recently announced that it will be bringing Snakebird to mobile, so we hit up Noumenon co-founder Sebastian Karlsson for a quick Q&A.

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Q&A: Keith Burgun of Dinofarm Games

Dinofarm Games has created two highly-regarded mobile strategy games—100 Rogues in 2010 and Auro, which released in February. Lead designer Keith Burgun is well-known for his outspoken opinions on game design theory, and has written two books on the topic. He joined us for a Q&A to discuss Auro’s upcoming Steam port and Kickstarter-funded expansion.

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Q&A: Yakuto Games Founder Jordan Kirk

Much like Mediocre, the two-man studio behind Smash Hit and Does Not Commute, Yakuto Games is an indie studio that proves that you don’t need a lot of manpower to build a gorgeous mobile game. The three-person studio recently launched its first title, Table Tennis Touch. Founder Jordan Kirk joined us for a Q&A.

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Q&A: Klei Entertainment Founder Jamie Cheng

Before founding the Vancouver-based games studio Klei Entertainment, Jamie Cheng was an AI programmer on games like Warhammer 40,000K: Dawn of War, and The Outfit. In 2005, Cheng self-funded Klei by selling his stock in THQ and borrowing $10,000 from his brother. In the years since, his studio created the wildly successful and critically acclaimed games Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, and, earlier this month, Invisible, Inc. Cheng joined us for a quick Q&A.

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Q&A: Quetzalcoatl Creator 1Button

1Button is a three-man indie studio whose many games (ON/OFF, Mr. Jump, Bicolor, PILE) often compete with the biggest mobile games in the world. 1Button’s newest puzzle game, Quetzalcoatl, was recently selected by Apple as the App of the Week, so we caught up with 1Button co-founder Thomas Castel for an interview.

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Q&A: Lifeline Creator 3 Minute Games

3 Minute Games is a skunkworks-style studio that operates from within Big Fish Games’ Oakland office with the goal of making lots of games very quickly, testing them out in the marketplace, and seeing if it can discover new hits. Its latest experiment is a fascinating Apple Watch game called Lifeline, which seems to be a success—it’s now one of the top ten best-selling premium iOS apps.

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Q&A: inkle Co-Founder Joseph Humfrey

Before co-founding inkle, Joseph Humfrey worked for six years in the console video game industry, working on every platform from Nintendo DS to Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect in a career at Rare and Sony. Humfrey and his co-founder, Jon Ingold, have had more success than most in their as-yet-short careers as indies. Their game 80 Days was TIME’s game of the year for 2014.

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Q&A: Amazon Game Studios’s David Holmes

Although Amazon has sold games as a retailer since the late ’90s, it didn’t attempt to enter the market with its own product until 2014, when it began aggressively buying up studios and bringing talented game developers on board. The result is Amazon Game Studios, which has just released its first iOS title—a gorgeous horror-adventure game called Lost Within. We spoke briefly with Amazon Game Studios Executive Producer David Holmes (formerly of Microsoft) about the new game.

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Q&A: Big Huge Games CEO Tim Train

After the original incarnation of Big Huge Games flamed out in dramatic fashion in 2012, two of the original co-founders—Tim Train and Brian Reynolds—bought back the name and relaunched the studio, rebranding their recent startup SecretNewCo. Big Huge Games has just launched its first post-revival game, a mobile build-and-battler called DomiNations which is tearing it up on the App Store’s top-grossing charts. Tim Train spoke with us about his plans for the studio and the value that history can add to games.

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Q&A: Gearbox President & CEO Randy Pitchford

Founded in 1999, Gearbox Software established a solid reputation for itself by developing well-regarded ports like the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved. The studio’s critically-acclaimed original franchises now include Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and the upcoming “hero-shooter” Battleborn. Gearbox President and CEO Randy Pitchford shared his thoughts about the state of next-gen game development and the future of the company’s franchises.

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