Q&A with Google’s Sissie Hsiao

Sissie Hsiao, Google’s Director of Product Management for Mobile App Advertising has been an avid gamer her whole life. She talks to us about the exciting opportunity with today’s diverse gamer audience.

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Abandoning Oculus Users in Space with Adrift

Being abandoned in space and struggling to survive is at the core of one of the most anticipated Oculus games arriving at launch. ADR1FT from developer Three One Zero and published by 505 Games is led by Adam Orth who offered his opinion on virtual reality tech, ADR1FT’s potential on PlayStation VR and how the new hardware must shed its peripheral perception.

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SuperMonkeyFun Eyes VR Market from India

India-based SuperMonkeyFun already has over a dozen Android games available; however, co-founders Kunal Joshi and Jayati Khulbe say their team’s real focus is the much lauded future of video game entertainment. SuperMonkeyFun wants to be a pioneer for VR game development from India.

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Insiders React: A Rift in the VR Landscape

Last week Oculus announced the consumer Rift VR headset will cost $599; nearly double the price of its developer kits. How has the consumer price adjusted projections and the potential impact of the VR market?

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Insiders @ Work: Christian Calderon, Dots

The team page at developer Dots describes Christian Calderon as “a data-minded marketer with a passion for econometrics and video games.” The VP of Marketing and Revenue at Dots is a mobile marketing and user acquisition specialist, former investment analyst, and regular speaker at events held by Apple, Google I/O and Gaming Insiders. This is Christian Calderon, Gaming Insiders community member and industry expert, at work.

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Julian Gollop’s Long Road Back to Chaos

Julian Gollop, original designer of the PC classic X-COM, returns to his roots with Chaos Reborn – a remake of his 1985 title Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. In a new interview with Gaming Insiders, we catch up with the industry luminary to discuss his experience with crowdfunding, why Chaos was the right project for his new team and new lessons learned from Steam Early Access.

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Insiders React: Activision Acquires King for $5.9 Billion

Activision Blizzard announced its intention to purchase Candy Crush Saga maker King Entertainment for $5.9 billion, giving the PC and console behemoth a major stake in the mobile games space in one fell swoop. Gaming Insiders experts react to the acquisition in a new Insiders React feature.

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Insiders React: Is the Mobile Marketplace a Mess?

In a guest editorial published on Polygon earlier this week, CEO of the up-and-coming BugByte Ltd., Aksel Junkilla, argued that the mobile games market is a mess and the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of players. Xav de Matos, Gaming Insiders Director of Editorial + Community, took to the GI community and asked some mobile development experts their take on Junkilla’s guest article.

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How Game Developers Can Help Rescue the Planet

Critics fell for Gravity Ghost, the physics-based puzzler from developer Ivy Games, with one reporter calling it a “game that heals.” In her Summit 2015 talk, Gravity Ghost designer Erin Robinson Swink sets her sights on a new subject to heal: our planet. How can game developers help rescue our ailing world? Find out at the Summit.

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Visionary Realms and the Future of MMOs

As co-creator of the classic role-playing game EverQuest, designer Brad McQuaid’s name may be legendary among massively multiplayer online gamers, but his passion was born in a basic junior high computer class and inspired by games of the era. This year, McQuaid has returned to his original obsession with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, a new MMORPG from startup studio Visionary Realms. Weeks before he’s scheduled to take the stage at the 2015 Gaming Insiders Summit alongside Visionary’s Creative Director Chris Perkins, we spoke with McQuaid about learning how to fail after great success, what a leader does when things don’t go as plan and how Pantheon will mix traditional ideals with modern methods to reinvigorate the MMO genre and inspire a new wave of game players.

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